HRT ‘Lowers Risk Of Premature Death By 9%'

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HRT ‘Lowers Risk Of Premature Death By 9%'

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HRT ‘decreases risk of premature death by 9%’: Hormone replacement drugs may provide benefits for patient’s bones and heart, study suggests
Study followed more than 105,000 women up to 32 years
They were 9 percent less likely to die than women who had never taken HRT

"The new research only found the 9 per cent reduction in the risk of dying for women taking combined HRT, which involves two hormones – oestrogen and progesterone.
Oestrogen-only HRT, which tends to be given to women who have had hysterectomies, showed no significant link with the risk of dying.
The study, commissioned by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, found women on combined HRT had lower rates of heart failure and type 2 diabetes than the 224,643 women of a similar age who did not take HRT." ... gests.html

De studie (docx) ... vised.docx
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