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EU LHBTIQ onderzoek/ enquête

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EU LHBTIQ onderzoek/ enquête

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<mod>Had even geen tijd de oproep te vertalen, de enquete is wel in het Nederlands beschikbaar.</mod>

Enquête in het Nederlands

Survey in English

This is a reminder about the EU LGBTIQ Survey, which closes on 22 August. The survey is still lacking responses from trans seniors, as well as trans people living in Albania, Croatia, Luxembourg, and Slovakia. If you know anyone who fits these criteria, please forward the survey to them - but all are still welcome to take part! Your experience matters for the community! Read on below for more information:

What’s happening?
The European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency (EU FRA) is running its 3rd LGBTIQ Survey. The survey is a great opportunity for policy makers and social organisations to find out more about the lived realities of trans people in Europe. The survey is open to anyone over 15 years old who lives in the 27 EU countries, plus Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia. It is available in 31 languages.

Why should I take part?
The survey aims to help EU member states in their efforts to strengthen laws and policy protecting the fundamental rights of LGBTIQ people. You will also help provide organisations like TGEU with the evidence we need to promote trans rights. At TGEU, we use the data from this survey regularly to support our advocacy work and research reports.

Sounds great! How do I participate?
The survey is available online HERE. It takes around 20 minutes to complete. When you are done, please share it and encourage other trans people to take part! It is crucial that the survey reaches the most marginalised and underrepresented members of our trans communities. For example: trans asylum seekers, refugees and undocumented migrants, trans sex workers, trans people in poverty, trans youth, trans elderly and disabled trans people.

Enquête in het Nederlands

Survey in English
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Re: EU LHBTIQ onderzoek/ enquête

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Ik heb de het survey gedaan :)
Groetjes Laura :hbeat: